• Circuit Training/Boot Camp
  • Phoenix Strength (upper body)
  • Cardio Core Training
  • Glute Fusion (lower body)

The safety of our clients is our #1 priority.

To ensure safety, our trainers give their full attention to watching proper form of clients while exercising.

Late attendees are very distracting for the trainer.

This impacts safety for everyone.

Therefore late arrivals to class will not be admitted.

Afternoon/Evening Sessions:

4:15, 5:00, 5:45pm

6:15pm Cardio dance


4:15, 5:00, 5:45 Bolly-X
(Bolly-X is 1 hour)

4:15, 5:00, 5:45, 6:30pm
4:15, 5:00, 5:45, 6:30pm
By Appointment
By Appointment
By Appointment

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Phoenix Fitness

Throughout the day we rotate between these classes. This way you can stay for several classes getting different workouts, or come at the same time each day and still get a different workout:

With our membership you can join us for as many sessions as you want, and whenever it is convenient for YOU. Unlike most other gyms, we will never pressure you into signing a long-term contract!

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